Sunday, October 18, 2015

Six of the Best! #6BestHop

I'm trying something new this Sunday and I'm participating with both pen names! Welcome to Madeline Archer's blog. Madeline is Rose Anderson's alter ego. While Rose writes the intimate side of award-winning romance, Madeline writes the other flavors of fiction. It might be a sweeter love story, an otherworldly walk in the twilight zone, or something dark...

Today for Six of the Best, it's a bit from the sweeter side of my imagination.

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Half-fae Lenox Pendry is surrounded by secrets and none

are his to keep. Plucked from his mother’s arms as an infant and raised a changeling, Lenox grows to adulthood unaware of what and who he is and oblivious to the danger unfolding as his birthday draws near. After he’s unwittingly sent to the Scottish Lowlands out of harm’s way, he chances to meet a beautiful healer named Janet Roxburgh. The townspeople believe her to be a witch. It would appear Janet has a few secrets of her own.

Setting the Stage~
At McPhee's Inn
in the Lowlands of Scotland, a baby is born in the lodgings above the busy common room. McPhee, the proud father, calls for his daughter and sets shot glasses out on the bar to toast the birth of his son. Lenox, weary from traveling Scottish roads in the rain, takes in the happy scene. For Lenox, the world suddenly brightens...

My Six~

He called for the freckled girl, “Penny, yer mam’s given ye a baby brother! Come pass out th’ whiskey! I ha’ a new son, good people-- drinks on th’ house, all ‘round!”  

The customers cheered.

Shortly after, an angel descended the staircase. I lost the ability to breathe as an unidentifiable tingle swept me from head to toe.

 5 Stars for The Changeling!
"Secrets abound as the story continues. I don’t want to retell the story here and this is already long enough. Suffice it to say this is a very well written, engaging, story with all sorts of deeper historical tidbits and storylines involving the characters, their family lines, and the townsfolk culture. Scenes are written vividly with date and culture appropriate dialogue that overall made this a delightful read right down the satisfying ending that ties all the pieces together."

~ A Reader 

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  1. I love books about the fae, and this looks like a really interesting read. You do get six paragraphs, not just six sentences, so if you play next week, I hope you'll share more with us.