Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#MFRWHooks - Heart of Stone

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It's Wednesday and time for the Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks mini hop! Participants post 6-8 sentences from their novel. For me it's 8 sentences from Heart of Stone ~ a magical little story in the Romance Books '4' Us Entice Me anthology. Find other participants here:  

The story begins with the 17th Century witch hunts of Salem, Massachusetts.

As formal education for women lacks substance in 1904, Neila Flannigan leaves Ireland to attend Radcliffe women’s college in America. Shy and introverted, Neila passes her lonesome hours sketching the Harvard grounds and sending drawings home to her father. A chance encounter with a kindly old Irish woman inspires her to sketch a statue in an old, unused building. Desperately lonely, Neila ends up sharing her thoughts and feelings with a man carved in stone. Some days it feels like he listens.

Setting the Stage ~
Between classes and studies, Neila spends her time in the unused building sketching the statue there. She begins with the stone kitten sitting on the stone man's lap. Oddly enough, the very same night she completes the kitten sketch, she stops to tie her shoe and meets a kitten...

My 8 ~
Crouching to tie it, she was surprise by a kitten brushing softly against her. Under the dim light of the gas lamp he appeared mostly black except for a few white splotches here and there. She reached to pet him. “Hello there, aren’t you the little charmer?”
The cat bumped against her hand and purred. Her hand tingled. Assuming it was tired muscles from all the writing and drawing, she flexed her fingers and petted him again. The night was far too chilly for a kitten to be out on his own.

New stars for Entice Me!
If you love Romance, then you will LOVE this set. There is a lot of fun to read is this set, that includes several different romance genres and from Sweet to Hot! I was pulled into this set because it had all of the types of genres I read, such as Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Fantasy to name a few."
~ A Reader



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