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The Romance Reviews Year End Splash!

Welcome! My name is Rose Anderson and this is Madeline Archer's blog. Madeline is my alter ego. As Rose I write the intimate side of award-winning romance. Madeline writes the other flavors of fiction--it might be a sweeter love story, an otherworldly walk in the twilight zone, or something dark...

For the Romance Reviews Year End Splash, I'm highlighting my newest

fantasy romance~ The Changeling.

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Half-fae Lenox Pendry is surrounded by secrets and none are his to keep. Plucked from his mother’s arms as an infant and raised a changeling, Lenox grows to adulthood unaware of what and who he is and oblivious to the danger unfolding as his birthday draws near. After he’s unwittingly sent to the Scottish Lowlands out of harm’s way, he chances to meet a beautiful healer named Janet Roxburgh. The townspeople believe her to be a witch. It would appear Janet has a few secrets of her own.

Setting the stage~
In this scene an anguished mother learns the whereabouts of her son.

Orlaith turned to the rasping whisper that came from the ancient oak and cautiously drew closer. Spying Eppa, she was horrified to see her dear friend bruised and battered, his shirtfront red with blood. She hurried to his side. “Lord of All, Eppa, what has happened to you?”

“The queen sent her man to follow me. When I realized it, it was too late, there was nothing to do but for him to be silenced.”

Her friend’s beautiful eyes glistened with emotion. Eppa was a learned man, a student of Danu. Committing such violence would have torn his soul. His admission suddenly sinking in, her eyes widened. Dare she hope? She asked, “Silenced . . . . Are you saying you’ve found my son?”

He gave her a weary smile. “I have. He’s a fine lad. The image of his father — dark like John, but there’s a bit of your grandfather in him too. His eyes are the same shade as yours, silver like the lining of a storm cloud. I noticed that right off.”

Orlaith’s tears fell freely. Her voice choked when she ventured, “Then — then he’s well cared for and loved?”

“He is. Knowing your sister, I can’t imagine how he came to be in such a fine household. But it’s obvious to me he’s being raised by the humans as the prince he is, as a true son in a place called Pendry.”

Pendry! Could it be her son had found his way to his father’s own family? Stunned, she pressed her fingers to her lips. John’s family name was an old one. His older brother Evan now headed the family. Was Evan raising his brother’s son, his own nephew? Finding her voice, she explained all to her friend.

“Lord of All! Surely the queen was unaware of John’s family . . . ”

“A miscalculation, most likely. No matter. Oh this news brings me such joy, Eppa. Thank you my dearest, dearest friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Orlaith hugged him close. Leaning back, she looked up and met his eyes. Silence filled the space as unsaid words hung in the air between them. The coppery tang of blood on this clothing came forward to her mind. She said suddenly, “You must leave now. Oonagh will have your head for the death of her man.”

“Aye, she will. She’s wanted my death from the moment I refused her affections. But I cannot leave you, my dearest Orlaith.”

Heart breaking and eyes brimming with tears, she hugged him tightly once more. Better he was gone from the Aos Sidhe. From her. He would remain alive then, unlike so many others she had loved and lost. She told him.

He said earnestly, “Come with me.”

“I cannot leave the Aos Sidhe to this madness. What would my father say to my leaving, were he here?”

His voice thick with emotion, Eppa said, “He would send you away, to keep you safe. You know he would.” He spoke true and she knew it.

“Perhaps. But knowing my son is near is reason enough to stay.”

“I understand. I promise you, one day this madness will end and I will return.” He laid his hands upon her shoulders and said, “Listen to me. Be watchful. Do nothing to bring your stepsister’s ire.”

“Will you do one last thing for me, please?”


Holding out her hand, she focused her thoughts and there appeared an inked quill and parchment. With these she quickly wrote a letter, folded it, and then pressed it to her heart. Closing her eyes, she made a wish and a circle of sparkling light surrounded the grove. An instant later, the shimmering ring shrank until it encased the letter she held. Handing it to Eppa, she said, “My sister may not know where he is, but she cannot be trusted not to hurt my son should she find him. Take this to his mother. The moment she reads it and places it near her heart, he will be protected by us both. Be happy, my dearest.”

Eppa tucked the letter inside his tunic. He hugged her tightly one last time.

Orlaith felt his reluctant release and it magnified the ache in her heart. She watched him go. A last thought took her. “Eppa?”

He turned back, his brows raised in question.

“What is his name?”

He looked around to be sure his next words were not heard before saying, “Lenox, 10th Earl of Pendry.

TRR avatar About Rose~ Known for crafting characters that stay with you long after the last page has turned, Rose Anderson is a multi-published award-winning author and dilettante who loves great conversation and delights in interesting things to weave into stories. Rose also writes across genres under the pen name Madeline Archer. She lives with her family and small menagerie amid oak groves and prairie in the rolling glacial hills of the upper Midwest.

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